Quit Smoking

In as little as 6 treatments, you can become a non smoker using acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture works first by calming the addiction center in the brain and then by making cigarettes smell and taste offensive. It also helps with retraining the brain patterns responsible for wanting to ‘pick up’ a cigarette during certain times when smoking might be triggered, such as talking on the phone, driving etc. It can also help with associated weight gain that quitting smoking can cause.

The trick to having acupuncture work for quitting smoking is to be ready to quit on your own terms and not because someone else wants you to. Be prepared in your mind to become a non smoker. Non smokers NEVER smoke; no matter what comes along. Set a date to quit. I also recommend that patients start to cut down their cigarette consumption prior to starting treatments. You are welcome to augment quitting with the use of gum or the patch if you feel that this is necessary, although this is entirely up to each patient.

As an ex smoker myself, I know the difficulties that quitting involves and I totally understand the addiction. I also know that it CAN be done!

The treatments include 3 sessions on week one, 2 sessions on week two and 1 session on week three. If needed, you may book additional sessions but 6 often does the trick! The cost of the 6 sessions are $270 payable in advance only with no refunds for any reason. This commitment is required for me to book the appointments in order for the patient to be fully responsible for their treatments. If you are ready to make the jump to becoming a non smoker, call Inner Zen Acupuncture and begin to enjoy the freedom of being smoke free!